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How Can I Change / Correct/ Update Aadhaar Card Mobile in Tamil Nadu Online or Offline

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Tamil Nadu Aadhaar Card Mobile Number Add / Update / Change or Correction – As we all are well versed with that aadhar card becomes one of the strongest identity proof in India nowadays and we must be updated with the aadhaar card and always should have correct information on it. I have already shared how you can correct aadhaar card address in Tamil Nadu & How can you update change Aadhar card photo and today in this post I will tell you how you can add or update new mobile number in aadhaar card at Tamil Nadu. I will not take your much time and start the process from the beginning so guys let’s start.

Add Mobile Number in Aadhaar Card at Tamil Nadu

If you have not applied for new aadhar card then you must go for it to apply for new aadhaar card you have to visit the nearest aadhar card enrolment center with your documents proof of address, proof of photo, proof of DOB.

  • You can get the nearest aadhaar enrolment center details here: https://appointments.uidai.gov.in/easearch.aspx
  • Visit the enrolment center with documents
  • Fill the aadhaar card registration form and must enter your mobile number in it, you will get the registration form itself at aadhar card center.
  • Attach your document and give it to the aadhaar official.
  • He will verify your documents so must go with the original one.
  • Now the aadhaar official will take your photo graph, bio metric details such as eyeris scan and 10 finger impression.
  • Finally submit your detail online and will provide you enrolment slip which have mentioned your details so check it and cross check your mobile number if found any incorrect details do it immediately.

Please save this slip as it will help you to download and track aadhaar card status.

Change / Update / Correct Aadhaar Card Mobile Number in Tamil Nadu

If you have aadhaar card and you want to change / update or correct new mobile number aadhar card then must follow the below said steps. Different people have different reasons to change mobile number in aadhaar card the possible reasons are:

  • People changed their old mobile number
  • They lost the old number and want to update new mobile number in aadhar card
  • They have incorrect mobile number in aadhar card ad wanna update the correct mobile number.
  • Well whatever your reason is to changing the mobile number the solution is here, you can update or change mobile number via following methods:
  • Online Mode
  • Offline Mode

Online Steps to Update or Correct Mobile Number in Tamil Nadu Aadhaar Card

Step 1: Visit the official site of UIDAI here: https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/update you will redirect “Aadhaar Self Service Portal”.

Step 2: Here you have to enter the 12 Aadhaar number or VID

Step 3: Now enter the text verification code which is present on the website.

Step 4: Now click on Send OTP

Step 5: You will move to next page and here you have to update OTP number which you have received on your mobile number.

Step 6: A new page will appear where you can see following option “Details to be Updated” here you have to choose “Mobile Number”

Step 7: Again new page will appear here you have to enter 10 digit mobile number.

Step 8: After entering the mobile number click on “Submit and Update” button.

Step 9: Verify and Proceed and Note down the URN No.

Offline Procedure to Change or Correct Aadhaar Card Mobile Number in Tamil Nadu (AP)

However if you are unable to change mobile number via online mode or you are not familiar with the online mode then don’t worry you can update or change mobile number in aadhar card via offline mode there are 2 option also available which are 

  • By Post
  • By Aadhar Enrolment Center

Change Mobile Number in Aadhar Card By Visiting Aadhaar Enrolment Center

 First of all you have to visit the nearest aadhaar card enrolment center  and inform the official that you want to change your exist mobile number of aadhaar card.

 Then the aadhaar official will provide you aadhaar correction application form or you can download it from the official site of UIDAI here:

 Please fill the form respectively and attached all the required documents such as your voter id card or driving license and passport etc.

 Now give this form to the aadhar official and also provide the original documents for the verification purpose to the official after verifying the official at center will return your documents to you.

 Now aadhaar official will update the new phone number accordingly and once again take your biometric details which includes your eyeris scan and 10 finger impression.

 After taking biometric details the aadhar official will provide you an slip which enclosed with URN number so please save this slip for further activity as this slip help you to track and check the updated aadhaar card status at Tamil Nadu.

Please remember: Aadhaar correction is chargeable and the official will ask for Rs.25 as aadhar correction fee only first time aadhaar is free after that for any work you have to provide aadhaar charges.

Update Aadhaar Card Mobile Number in Tamil Nadu By Post

If you no enough time to visit the enrolment center don’t worry you can still change aadhar card mobile number by post for this you have to follow below mentioned steps:

 Download the Update/Correction PDF form from here 

 Take a print of the form and select “Mobile” option from first field.

 Enter your 12-digit Aadhar Number and then fill up all the details as on your Aadhar Card.

 Fill the form in CAPITAL LETTERS and in both the languages (English and your local language as it appears in your Aadhar letter).

 Now, enter your mobile number that you want to add in Aadhar Card.

 You need to mention the type of ‘document of identity’ and attach the same document that proves your identity. Write your Aadhar Number on the document and sign or provide thumb print on it.

 After filling all the information properly check the form twice.

 Put the duly filled form in an envelope.

 On top of your envelope, write “Aadhar Update/Correction”. Do not forget to mention your name and address on the envelope.

 Send the Update/Correction form along with documents on below mentioned Addresses.

Address 1:

Post Box No. 10,
Madhya Pradesh – 480001,

Address 2:

Post Box No.99,
Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad – 500034,

 Once you post your form along with the documents, after few days you will receive the confirmation message of your Aadhar Card mobile update.

Hope you found this piece of information helpful if you have any query in mind just drop it in below box and your suggestions always welcome.

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