How to Update / Correct Aadhaar Card Detail without Mobile Number?

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Nowadays aadhaar card is become one of the strongest identities proof and required for several purposes in India. If is there any information is mentioned incorrect it could be a headache for you and especially when you have not registered your mobile number with aadhaar card. In today’s post I will discuss on how can you update or correct your aadhaar card details without mobile number or OTP. As the Govt. of India and UIDAI become strict towards the aadhar card and already deactivated around 81 lakh aadhaar card due to lack of supportive documents and incorrect information. So it become important to correct your aadhaar card details as the several Govt. official posted one state to another state and they have to change their aadhaar address time to time so it’s important for everyone who want to update their aadhaar card details such as:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Email ID

Please note you can update your address only online as per the latest update of UIDAI however if you want to make correction in any of the above said point you have to visit the nearest aadhaar enrolment center which details could be found on official site of UIDAI.

How Can I Update Aadhaar Card Details Online Without Mobile Number

You will be offended to know that there is NO such option to change / update / correct aadhaar card details without mobile number. I received so many queries from the users and try to find the way and unfortunately there is no way to update aadhar card details without registered mobile number. So, don’t believe on any post who claims to update aadhar card without registered mobile number however if your mobile number is registered with aadhaar card then you can easily make correction in aadhar card address.

To register or update mobile number with aadhaar card number you have to visit the nearest aadhar card enrolment center and the official will ask for the charges for the same.

Aadhaar Card Correction with Mobile Number and OTP

If you have successfully registered your mobile number with aadhaar card then you can easily make changes in aadhar card address online for this you have to follow these simple steps.

Step 1: To update aadhaar details visit this page

Step 2: Enter your 12 digit aadhaar number & enter text verification code and click on “Send OTP” button.

Step 3: You will receive the OTP on your registered mobile number

Step 4: Enter it in the prescribed box & click on submit button

Step 5: Now you will redirect on Data Update Request page

Step 6: Choose change in address option & click on submit button.

Step 7: Now enter correct details in the form and click on Submit Update Request

Step 8: Now you have to attach the supportive documents accordingly.

Step 9: After uploading the supportive document you will reach on the final step here you have to choose BPO service mentioned on the site & finally hit the submit button.

Step 10: You will receive the Update Request Number (URN) note it down for future reference

Your aadhaar details will be updated within 7 to 15 days you can check it online on official website of UIDAI or I have already write article on the same which could be found here “Check Aadhaar Card Status”.

Update Aadhaar Card Name, Gender, DOB, Photo Offline

If you want to update any other details instead of address then you have to visit the nearest enrolment center where you have to fill the form respectively and have to attach supportive documents which are listed below. If you have any query or suggestion please drop it in below comment box I and my team member will answer your query as soon as we can.

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